What We Do

Earth, Wind and Flowers is now fully mobile!


Each season, we visit residential homes to update potted plants and yards with personalized floral arrangements.  We love to keep our customers’ houses fresh by creating seasonal arrangements and pruning perennials.  After your first gardening experience, you will see how creating a positive, natural atmosphere will make you smile every time you come home.


Whether you are looking for seasonal planting or perennial gardening, we will create a beautiful display of natural elements. We will visit your home – no matter how large or small your yard – and work with you on planning the garden of your dreams. Our favorite approach is to design a flowerscape that is so natural, no one will ever know we were there.

Flowering Pots and Containers

Starting in the spring, we will grace your home with potted plants to spruce up your front step or window boxes.  Throughout the year, we will continue to update flowers to make sure that each arrangement is fit for the season. No matter the day, you’ll always come home to cheerfully planted pots that will be sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to every visitor’s face.

Seasonal Displays

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to turn, we create fall and winter plantings and displays that will make your house feel like home it is for the holidays.


We know that there is no place like home for the holidays.  So, we want to bring the holiday spirit to your home by fulfilling all your decorating needs – inside and outside. For each holiday, we create a dream décor that fits your style.  Not only will we design and craft personalized centerpieces and decorations for your next celebration, we also include your own decorations for a personal touch.  Every display will be delivered, set up and put away at your convenience. Holidays are a time to celebrate!  Take part in the holiday spirit from the beginning of the year to the end. From Easter eggs, to pumpkins, to mistletoe, decorate your home and office with holiday spirit.  Or bring holiday spirit to friends and coworkers with a perfect seasonal gift.